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A day at Prescott Hill Climb to celebrate the cars that survived the 2nd World War organised by Ian Grace of the vintage Minor Register.

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Alvis 12-60 - Russell WebsterAlvis Silver Speed 20 Tourer - Tim JohnstoneAlvis Special -Alvis Speed 21 rep. - Jack CloverAlvis Speed 25 Charlesworth Saloon - Anthony McGarel-GrovesAlvis TG 12-50 - John PercivalAustin 7 Chummy - Mathew BoroweickiAustin 7 Chummy -Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium - Nigel BrookesAustin 7 RTC Special  -  Rayner PiperAustin 7 Ulster - Colin DanksAustin 10 - DG 7004Austin 10 Sherbourne - Colin CorderyBean Racer Special - Bruce GoodwinBean Racer Special - Bruce GoodwinBFP - Steve LoveridgeBSA 500cc M23 Silver Star - Gerry StartFiat Tourer -Frazer Nash - Derek TewFrazer Nash -

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