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Triumph Gloria Tourer   -   David MainTriumph Gloria Special      Peter HowatTriumph Gloria Special   Peter HowatTriumph Dolomite   David RiderTriumph Dolomite   -   David RiderTriumph Dolomite 14/60 Derry AustTriumph TR2     Richard OwenTriumph TR3   Edward FitzpatrickTriumph Beta  -   Natalie RevingtonTriumph Beta  -  Neil RevingtonTriumph TR3A --  Phillip Tucker-Chris HaleTriumph TR3ATriumph TR3A     -      Matt CainTriumph TR3A  --  Fifth GearTriumph TR3A   -  CEO 937Triumph TR4  -  93 LNKTriumph TR4A   -  OPE 10ETriumph TR6  -  Chris ManleyTriumph TR6 - Christopher ManleyTriumph TR6  -  VGP 366M

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