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Cars at the Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC) at Wiscombe Park hill climb on Sunday the 8th May 2011.

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AC 16/70  DPC 470AC 16/70 DPC 470AC 16/70 DPC 470AC Monoposto  -  Iain HarrisAC Monoposto  -  Iain HarrisAC-GN Beetle  -  Jonathan MellorAC-GN Cognac  -  Trevor JohnAC-GN Cognac  -  Trevor JohnAlvis 12/50  NV 438Alvis 12/50 SD   WK 1147Alvis 12/70 CAX 223Alvis Firebird TH 5445Alvis Firebird  TH 5445Alvis Firebird IL 2068Alvis Firebird IL 2068Alvis Silver Eagle ARW 81Alvis Silver Eagle  ARW 81Alvis Silver Eagle  KP 3634Alvis Silver Eagle  KP 3634Alvis Speed 25 WP 9064

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