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Vintage Sports Car Club New Year Driving Tests at Brooklands Museum 31st Jan 2016.

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Alvis Firefly Special  -  Trevor HirstAustin 7 Chummy -  Terry DickieAustin 7 Gordon England Cup  -  Annabel JonesAustin 7 RL Saloon  -  Madeleine RoseAustin 7 Special  -  Richard MarshAustin 7 Special  -  Robert GibsonAustin 7 Ulster  -  Andrew MarshAustin 7 Ulster  -  George DiffeyAustin 7 Ulster  -  Olly SandersAustin 7 Ulster  -  Paul MilnerAustin 7 Ulster Rep. -  Russell MillsAustin 7 Ulster Rep. -  Tom SandersAustin 7 Ulster Special  -  Andrew SummersAustin 7 Ulster Trials -  Jon FlemingFrazer Nash Falcon TT Rep.  -  Mark BallardFrazer Nash TT Rep.  -  Paul WestonMG J2  -  Patrick GardnerMG J2 -  Tim BeckhMG M Type  -  David RolfeMG PB  -  Jeremy Earnshaw

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