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A day to celebrate the cars that survived the 2nd World War

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ABC   XF 9566Alvis      OF 688Alvis     WK 6951Alvis  Beetle back          GP 3301Alvis 12/50       UV 1615Alvis 12/50       WM 862Alvis 12/50 Beetle Back       GW 4133Alvis Beetle back            GP 3301Alvis Saloon     YR 9934Alvis Special      US 4299Aston Martin      EPG 67Austin 7 Boat Tail 2 seater     OV 1397Austin 7 Chummy       PK 8456Austin 7 Chummy       PK 8456Austin 7 Chummy       PK 8456Austin 7 Chummy      RA 4259Austin 7 Chummy      RA 4259Austin 12/4 Pickup    BMO 441Austin 12/4 Pickup    BMO 441Bentley    YM 4224

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