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A few photos from the hills during the 750 motor club sporting car Trials Winter Trial. at Tulleys Farm

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3   Class B   John Cole-23   Class B   John Cole4   Class B   Matt Weston5   Class B   Kevin Judd-25   Class B   Kevin JuddSherpa  -   Dave Zank7   Class N   Ann JuddSherpa  -   Arthur Carroll9   Class B   Ross Bruce10   Class B   John Sleight-210   Class B   John Sleight11   Class B   Sam Archer12   Class A   Ian Wright-212   Class A   Ian Wright14   Class B   Steve Avery16   Class B   Frank Willard17   Class A   Stuart Beare18   Class B   Michael Velasco-19   Class B   Craig Bazley21   Class A   Kenny Davies

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