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Photos of trials where the aim is to drive basically standard cars as far as you can up a slippery hillside route marked with poles without stopping. sometimes sections will be so slippery and steep that you are unable to walk up them!

The further on a driver gets up a section the lower the score, the lowest score of the day is the winner.

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AJS 2 Seater Sports  -  Alexandra Milne-TaylorAlvis Silver eagle  ~  Robin Harcourt -SmithAustin 7  Box Saloon   -  Elizabeth StephensAustin 7  Box Saloon  -  Tim MartinAustin 7  Box Saloon  -  Tim MartinAustin 7  Box Saloon  -  Tim Martin 2Austin 7  Box Saloon  -  Tim Martin 3Austin 7  Cambridge Special  -  Fred WaiteAustin 7  Chummy   -  Andy StorerAustin 7  Chummy  -  Colin ShawAustin 7  Chummy  -  Guy WeatherallAustin 7  Chummy  -  Nigel CoulterAustin 7  Chummy  --  Alice WhitfieldAustin 7  Chummy  --  Dave WilliamsAustin 7  Chummy  --  Harry LestonAustin 7  Chummy  --  Hugh CochraneAustin 7  Chummy  --  Nigel CoulterAustin 7  Chummy  --  Ollie LestonAustin 7  Chummy  --  Sarah GibsonAustin 7  Chummy  --  Susan O'Sullivan

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