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One of the earliest forms of motor sport with competitions dating as far as far as the the turn of the last century. They were tests of reliability and endurance for both machine and rider or driver. Imagine riding a motorcycle, running on solid tyres, and with acetylene lamps, from London to Edinburgh and back in twenty-four hours. Very few, if any, of the roads were tarmac, and there was scarcely a garage to be found. As roads and vehicles improved, the challenge lessened and so today's events have tests such as climbing steep or slippery hills away from the main roads to maintain the challenge. Click on a thumbnail to see a screen size Picture, or use the slideshow button to auto scroll through all the pictures at screen size
AJP Ultrapassar  --  Alison IngramAJS  --  Steven AllenAJS 18C  --  John TruscottAJS 18C  --  John TruscottAprilia Pegaso  --  Patrick OsbourneAprillia Wasp  --  Stephen Urell-Julie WilliamsAriel Triumph  --  Colin BenthamArmstrong MT  --  David DickinsArmstrong MT  --  Robert DavisArmstrong MT 485          David DickinsArmstrong MT 500     Steve DayBeta Alp  --   Ian MyersBeta Alp  --  Georgina IsaacBeta Alp  --  Ian MyersBeta Alp  --  Jeff HodgesBeta Alp  --  Jeff HodgesBeta Alp  --  Julien SladeBeta Alp  --  Paul ExtonBeta Alp  --  Richard HarveyBeta Alp  --  Roger Tushingham

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