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Photos of vintage sports cars on the hills at this autumn event organised by the vintage sports car club

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Austin 7  Box Saloon   -  Elizabeth StephensAustin 7  Chummy   -  Andy StorerAustin 7  Sports   -  Andrew SummersAustin 7 Chummy   -  Charles BromageAustin 7 Chummy   -  Dan HunterAustin 7 Chummy   -  Janice MarstonAustin 7 Chummy   -  John PolsonAustin 7 Chummy  -  Nick BeckAustin 7 Chummy  -  Sophie FlannAustin 7 Chummy  -  William McVickerAustin 7 Cup   -  James PriceAustin 7 RTC Special   -  George GoslingAustin 7 Special   -  Clive PressAustin 7 Special   -  David MatthewsAustin 7 Special   -  David ReadAustin 7 Special   -  Ian ClancyAustin 7 Special   -  Peter TierneyAustin 7 Special   -  Richard HoulgateAustin 7 Special  -  Andrew FoxAustin 7 Special  -  Robert Mills

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