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Photos from the tenth South Downs Tarmac Rally Stages organised by the Southsea and Bognor Regis Motor Clubs with support from Towncross Engineering in association with Highbury College.

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Citroen C2  -  John & Sharon MillsDarrian T9  -  Chris Simons  Andy MossDavrian Dav-Tec  -  Dean Thomas Rich KnowltonFord Escort Mk I  -  Barry Warman  Neil ChantFord Escort Mk I  -  John Oldrieve  Steve YeomanFord Escort Mk I  -  Richard & Irene LewseyFord Escort Mk I  -  Roland Brown  Terry LuckingsFord Escort Mk I  - Ross Wilson  Russell  ThompsonFord Escort Mk I  - Tony Rendell  Seb SimeoneFord Escort Mk I Mexico -  Steve Toney Lee WebsterFord Escort Mk II  -  Mick Hands Mike DawsonFord Escort Mk II  -  Roger Moran Joy HoyleFord Escort Mk II  -  Simon Mauger Melanie HolmesFord Escort Mk II  -  Simon Mauger Melanie Holmes-2Ford Escort Mk II  -  Stuart Cogger  Lee BezuidenhoutFord Escort Mk II  - Mark WiltshireFord Escort Mk II  - Stephen Beck  Paul BrownFord Escort Mk II -  Stephen Beck   Paul BrownFord Escort Mk II - Paul Diamond   Steve mean boy CoxFord Escort Mk II RS  -  Paul King

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