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Pictures from one of the first events at Prescott following the enforced absence of motor sports due to the 2020 lockdown. The climbs were untimed but the smiles on the faces of the drivers and passengers make it clear just how happy they are to be back on track.

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Alvis  12-50 TG Special  ~  WX 6536Alvis  12-50 TG Special  ~_WX 6536Alvis  ~  VM 1106Alvis  ~  VM 1106Alvis 12-50  ~  VC 294Alvis 12-50 Duckback ~  WM 862Alvis 12-50 Duckback ~  WM 862Alvis 12-60 ~ GO 2619Alvis 12-60 ~ GO 2619Alvis Speed 25 Charlesworth Saloon ~  EKF 769Aston Martin Le Mans ~  BPC 831Austin 7 Chummy  ~  KX 3557Austin 7 Chummy  ~  YD 3240Austin 7 Chummy  ~  YD 3240Austin 7 Gordon England Cup ~ ON 4530Austin Heavy 12-4 Tourer ~ RL 7247Austin Heavy 12-4 Tourer ~ RL 7247Austin Heavy 12-4 Tourer ~ RL 7247Bentley 3½ litre DHC ~  BLU 880BMW 2000  ~ XFR 714L

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