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Clean & polished Rally Cars ready for the Roger Albert Clark Rally Scrutineering at Brightwells Leominster.
Pictures of the cars in action during the rally are in my other gallery

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Datsun 240Z  -  2400 H2Ford Escort MK2  1975 G2Ford Escort MkI  1975  C3Ford Escort MkI  1997  C3Ford Escort RS 1800 1998 D4Ford Escort RS 1993 D5Ford Escort RS 2000 D5Opel Manta 400 2400 E2SAAB 96 V4   -  1815 D3SAAB 96 v4  1800 C3SAAB 900 2000 J4Vauxhall Firenza Can-Am     4998 C5

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