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Photos from SS1 & 2 of the Roger Albert Clark rally at the Midland Automobile Club Hill Climb at Shelsley Walsh. This is the first time in the venue’s 112-year history that Shelsley has been used competitively downhill, so lots of new angles for rally cars on the hill.

See the pristine cars ready for scrutineering at Leominster in my other gallery

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Datsun 240Z  -   Pete and Charles JohnstonFord Escort MkI    -   Dominique Lesourd   Sebastien CholFord Escort MkI   -    Phil Jobson  Tom Woodburn-  -Ford Escort MkI   -   David Gathercole  Martyn DonnFord Escort MkI   -   Drexel Gillespie  Gill CottonFord Escort MkI Mexico  -   Adam Milner Roy JarvisFord Escort MkI RS 1600    -   Bart-Jan Deenik   Egbert KolvoortFord Escort MkI RS1600     -    Mark Holmes Craig SimkissFord Escort MkI RS1600  -   Chris Skill Tom JordanFord Escort MkI RS2000    -   Wayne Bonser Rich AstonFord Escort MkI RS2000  -  Stewart Scott   Mark CaseyFord Escort MkI Twin Cam   -   Dave Watkins   Graham WrideFord Escort MkI Twin Cam  -   Rob Rook  Mark SharpleyFord Escort MkII     -    Duncan and George WilliamsFord Escort MkII     -   Alain Maria Cedric SantiniFord Escort MkII     -   Andrew Robinson  Kevin WilsonFord Escort MkII     -   Chris White Chris DewsnapFord Escort MkII    -  Roger Fowler   Ashley YoungFord Escort MkII   -    David Hutchinson  Jeff Garnett-  -Ford Escort MkII   -    Mark and Ed Bentley

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