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A day at Prescott Hill Climb to celebrate the cars that survived the 2nd World War organised by Ian Grace of the vintage Minor Register.
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Photos from previous events can be found here, here and here
1917 McLaughlin Buick Speedster D45  ~  John Stanley (2)1917 McLaughlin Buick Speedster D45  ~  John Stanley1927 Alvis TG 12-50  ~  james Swan1927 Morris Oxford Special  ~  Mike Jaques1929 Morris Minor tourer  ~  Steve Kent1930 MG M Type  12-12 rep  ~  Greg Smith1930 Morris Minor  tourer  ~  Jo Langford-Yates1930 Morris Minor  ~  Richard & Sue Woodward(2)1930 Morris Minor  ~  Richard & Sue Woodward1930 Morris Minor tourer  ~  Clive Hamilton-Gould1931 Standard Big Nine  ~  Matt  Cannon1931 Standard Big Nine  ~  Matt  Canon1932 MG M Type  ~  Steffi Broch1933 MG J2  ~  Colin Bird1933 MG J2  ~  Jeremy Prince1933 MG J2  ~  Mike Gardiner1933 MG J2  ~  Stephen Rees1934 Lagonda Rapier Abbott tourer  ~  James Holland1934 M.G. PA  ~  Mike Wevill1934 MG NA  ~  Graham Finch

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